Moving boxes, bubble wrap and adhesive tape for a safe move

Adhesive tape, bubble wrap and moving boxes on a table

Efficiency, care and professionalism are the keys to success when it comes to a successful and safe move. That's why we offer a wide range of moving accessories, such as moving boxes, bubble wrap and adhesive tape.

Robust moving boxes for every need

Our moving boxes are more than just storage options; they are insurance for the integrity of your customers' furniture and other items. From standard sizes to individual special designs, our boxes offer the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. They are easy to handle and stack, simplifying the transportation process and increasing your team's efficiency.

Bubble wrap: protection you can rely on

Protect sensitive and valuable items with our protective bubble wrap. It provides a reliable buffer zone that absorbs shocks and prevents scratches. It can be easily cut to the desired size from the roll and is also very easy to use. Moving therefore becomes uncomplicated and stress-free.

Adhesive tape: security with every strip

Our strong adhesive tapes not only help to securely seal moving boxes, but can also help to attach bubble wrap. They offer strong and durable adhesion, ensuring that boxes and protective packaging remain intact even on the longest of journeys. With the option of custom printing, you can also make your brand visible and leave a lasting impression on your customers.