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Customized packaging

Customized packaging brings great added value, be it individually sized and printed boxes or system packaging made to measure for safe transport by road, sea or air freight. We offer you the widest range of custom-made packaging in Switzerland. Because we are "one for all" - your system partner for packaging of all kinds.

Our packaging specialists will be happy to advise you personally on site. Together we will find the optimum packaging solution. Let our "one for all" service convince you and you will soon receive your customized packaging solution for your product. Because beautifully packaged products simply sell better. Custom-printed packaging makes your brand stand out from the boring competition. Contact us and benefit from customized packaging with special sizes, colors and printing.


Optimal protection

Customized packaging is precisely tailored to the size and shape of the product, ensuring optimal protection during transport and storage. This reduces the risk of damage caused by movement within packaging that is too large or ill-fitting. This is particularly important for system packaging for mechanical engineering.


Cost efficiency

By adapting the packaging to the product, material waste and unnecessary shipping costs can be minimized. Standard packaging that does not fit perfectly can lead to higher costs, as additional packaging material or filling material is needed to secure the product. Tailor-made solutions can also help to reduce the cost of transportation damage.


Sales promotion / Marketing

Customized packaging not only offers practical benefits, but can also be an effective marketing tool. Appealing, customized packaging can increase brand value by reinforcing brand identity and creating a unique unboxing experience that is positively memorable. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately contribute to business success.

A few ideas that might suit you:
  • A cardboard box that matches your product in terms of color and shape
  • Adhesive tape printed with your logo for your shipping packaging
  • System packaging that suitably protects your machine or machine parts
  • A printed paper sack for your flour or animal feed product

Contact us and receive your individual packaging solution

Are you looking for customized packaging material for your product or do you want to have your logo printed on packaging or adhesive tape? We have what you need. Get in touch with us.

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