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Paper-Jet wrapping paper
Paper-Jet wrapping paper
Paper-Jet wrapping paper
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Detailed description

Discover our environmentally friendly recycled paper, the Compackt Papier70, which is available in a space-saving fan fold. With our PaperJet packaging system, you can use this paper efficiently to produce filling materials and robust paper cushions. Companies with a high need for filling volume in the shipping sector, such as e-commerce hubs, fulfillment and distribution centers or 3PLers, benefit from the impressive linear meter quantity per pallet.

Our ComPackt paper offers space on an "endless pallet". for an impressive 7,600 running meters. This large quantity means that refill intervals can be minimized and interruptions to the packing process can be reduced. The pallets with ComPackt paper can be easily transported with a pallet truck, without cumbersome handling or effort. The material is ready to use immediately without the need for special preparation once the pallet is replaced. The laborious lifting and balancing of heavy rolls or individual stacks of paper is a thing of the past and makes the work of your employees easier.

Thanks to the special folding and pallet feeding, our paper can be processed much faster than roll goods leads to significantly reduced throughput times in your packaging process. Optimize your packaging area or process by using ComPackt paper in conjunction with our PaperJet for central pre-production. You can supply entire packing lines directly with our PaperJet paper cushioning system, as various integration options and storage containers are available. If you have a particularly high need for filling volume in a short time, you can also process the paper directly at the packing station with our SpeedMan Max.

Optimize your packaging area and accelerate your packaging process with our ComPackt 70 paper. Discover the advantages today!

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