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With the food safe Wifris storage bag you can store apples and root vegetables even longer.
  • Food safe
  • No drying out
  • Uncomplicated

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Detailed description

Wifris storage bag for storing apples and root vegetables

There is no longer any drying out (shrinking) even in warm and dry cellars.

It's hard to imagine every home or kitchen without it . You will receive the bag in a package of 10 pieces.

Tips for storing apples

  • Only store varieties of good quality and dry in the Wifris storage bags Fill in.
  • Close the bag with sealing strips.
  • A slight precipitate of moisture inside the pack is normal.
  • Check the contents occasionally and remove any that are missing.
  • Consume the apples when they are normally ready to eat.

- of root vegetables

  • The following are suitable: carrots, beetroot , celery, salsify and radishes.
  • Allow the roots and tubers to dry thoroughly.
  • Remove the herbs as deeply and completely as possible.
  • Dry the root vegetables and fill the Wifris storage bags
  • Close the bag with a sealing strip.
  • A light precipitate of moisture normally forms inside.
  • Remove portions periodically and close the package again.
  • Attention: Washed vegetables do not last!


A constant temperature is advantageous. If there are major temperature fluctuations, there may be too much condensation in the bags. In this case, the bags would be easy to open.


The Wifris storage bag is made of food-safe polyethylene (PE).

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