Paper bags: The sustainable packaging solution from aXpel one for all

Paper bags with blurred background

Sustainable materials

Our sacks, such as feed or grain sacks, are made from certified and environmentally friendly raw paper. This guarantees that our products are both environmentally friendly and of high quality.

Wide range of applications

Our sacks are ideal for a wide range of applications, from the food industry to retail. They are robust, versatile and can be used for products such as flour, animal feed, waste and much more.

Customised design

We offer our customers the opportunity to customise packaging materials. This allows for unique branding and increases the visibility of our customers' brand.

Environmental awareness and customer loyalty

Choosing paper bags as a packaging solution demonstrates a company's commitment to sustainability, which is increasingly appreciated by consumers. This not only strengthens environmental awareness, but also promotes positive customer loyalty.

Paper sacks from aXpel one for all are more than just a packaging option; they are an environmentally friendly solution that combines quality, customisability and responsibility. Discover our range and how we can help you present your brand in a sustainable way. Contact us for more information.